Awesome Group Kriegsmarine, 7.Vorposten-Flottille + Brest pocket august 1944, lot of stuff !


Here is a real top-notch grouping for Karl-Heinz BOOCK, born 1923 in Hamburg. Served with the 7.Vorpsoten-Flottille, Boot 04/725, and was located in Oslo (Norway), then BREST (Bretagne). 3 awards docs in a salty shape, the last one for wound in action on 28.8.44 in the Brest-pocket, stamped "Fallschirmjäger-Sanitätz-Kp.21. I have reinforced it on the back with archives special mending tape (acid free) because it was almost cut on the foldings. Comes with a 213 photo album, 30 pics loose, great prortrait in Brest (Studio Doz-Barz), insignias, cutlery set marked "M" (Marine). Also very interesting are the documents attesting he stayed in France after being liberated from captivity, as a "free worker" at least until 1947. A HUGE § GREAT GROUP which definitely needs more researches !


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